What is Local Travel and Why Should You Already Be Doing It

Want to travel more but feel overwhelmed by flying, finding a week off, or leaving the country? Or maybe you already travel some but you’re feeling stuck in your routines? Are you at a place in life where it’s hard to commit far in advance? We have the solution – and today we go over exactly where to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut. 


#1 There are many ways to define local travel, just like there are many ways to define travel in itself. But here’s how we define it: Local travel is all about getting out of your typical routine and discovering new things. What does that look like? It could look like going on a 3 day weekend to a nearby town. It could look like going to the next town over to go to a festival or fair. It could even mean going to a new brewery in your area. We would consider any of that local travel. 


#2  The more you say yes- the easier it gets. The more you get out of your comfort zone and experience new things, the more you look for those experiences and when that flight finally shows up and all the stars align- you are much more likely to pull the trigger and say yes because you are already used to choosing new things and putting yourself out there. It’s kinda like Dave Ramsay’s Debt Snowball, if you’re familiar with that financial idea. 


#3 We live in New England now but we also lived in the panhandle of FL and I lived in Memphis- right in the middle of the country. In each of these places we found cool places to go on local trips. Let’s start with New England


In New England- some of our favorite places to “travel local” are to the local fairs- pretty much our entire fall is spent this way. We also love Cape Cod for longer trips and of course, skiing


In Memphis- I liked Nashville of course, I actually went there and back in a day a few times. I also visited Saint Louis on a long weekend trip as well as Chattanooga, Hot Springs, the Ozarks and finally Tuscaloosa for a game!

And in Florida- we of course did Disney (on a resident’s pass), but we also did St. Augustine, and our very favorite weekend location- New Orleans. 


We’d love to hear all about some of the local travel adventures you get up to! Shoot us an email at contact@travelmorepodcast.com to tell us all about it!


Meet the Bargers

Bruce and Shelly are a 30-something couple always on the lookout for cheap eats, wildlife sightings and a good brewery. They started traveling together ten years ago and haven't looked back. They travel internationally at least three times a year and have been to 42 states, all while holding those pesky 9-5 jobs. They hope you can take these travel tips and live the life you've only dreamed about!

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