Our Favorite Free Things to Do While Traveling

Of course, beaches, hikes and wandering around a city are (usually!) free while traveling- but did you know there are hidden secrets that budget travelers have known for years about FREE things to do around cities. Here is our rundown of the best free or nearly free...

Best Travel Credit Cards: Co-Branded Cards

Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Southwest, United, Delta  There’s so many different brands and so many credit cards to get- how do you choose? In this edition of our Travel Hacking series, we’re going to focus on the Supporting players of your wallet. These shouldn’t be your...

Christmas in July! Our Favorite Under-Rated Travel Products

It's never too early to be thinking about Christmas! And with those Labor Day sales right around the corner and your Christmas plans booked, it's time to start thinking about those MUST HAVE travel products. And we have them. This isn’t your typical list, it's only...
Best of the Best Layovers: NYE in Munich

Best of the Best Layovers: NYE in Munich

We’ve written before about our amazing experiences with long layovers (usually renamed “stopovers” when you’re able to leave the airport and explore!) and this night in Munich deserves a place in the hall of fame of incredible layovers.   Here was the set up ...

Layover Win: 18 Hours in the Golden Circle

Layover Win: 18 Hours in the Golden Circle

I was on my lunch break and checking flight prices (like ya do), when suddenly I saw it – a flight to Germany for $500. The dates were perfect. The airports matched our itinerary. But what’s this? An 18 hour layover in Iceland?! “That will cut into our time in...

What is it like to Sail Celebrity Cruises to Greece?

What is it like to Sail Celebrity Cruises to Greece?

When I first started selling cruises over at Magic Pass Travel Co, I hadn’t even been on a cruise myself. So when we were forced to cancel our Scotland Honeymoon in the wake of COVID-19, we decided it was time to try out a cruise. But this couldn’t be just any cruise-...


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